Saturday, February 11, 2006


An uncertain future for the 'Evolution Research' Blog?

It's been ten days or so since I began blogging and during this period most of my internet time has been taken up with getting the blog into (more or less) 'working order' - and there's still an awful lot to do!

I like because of the ability to email posts but one 'disadvantage' is that it doesn't have 'Categories'. To get around this I followed the advice given here (at but then heard blogger may not like this and could decide to delete my account without prior warning! ('gulp').

A couple of days ago I emailed them to ask if my current configuration was ok but as yet I haven't had any reply. Today, however, things may have taken a turn for the worse:

As you can see from the left hand column I have a 'category' called 'evomech posts' which features the 'output' of the 'Evolution: Where Darwin meets Lamarck? Discussion Forum'. This forum typically has two or three posts a day, and once I start using this blog 'in earnest' to reflect the ongoing research into a possible internal evolutionary mechanism, it will be really useful to have the evomech posts appear here.

Anyway, today I found that evomech posts have started to require word authentication because bots think they might be spam! I can see how this might be (the posts are auto-added) but as a result I now have to wait until a 'human' has conducted a review of evomech and come to a decision regarding its future ('fingers crossed' he or she will be in a good mood when they do).

At least this will also resolve the situation regarding the 'categories' configuration - or I hope it will!.

In the meantime I'll continue to work on the blog set-up. Once that is done (I have a feeling that it's never completely 'done') future posts ought to contain more info on how the research is actually going - if I'm still here of course... :)

John Latter

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