Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Re: An uncertain future for the 'Evolution Research' Blog?

On Saturday (see here) I wrote about my concerns over the future of this blog because of:

a) The rumour that Blogger.com frowns upon configurations such as this one.

b) Their bots identifing the 'evomech posts' category as a possible spam blog ('splog'). This is also certainly due to entries being auto-added from the 'Evolution - Where Darwin meets Lamarck?' discussion forum.

Well yesterday I received an email telling me that 'evomech posts' had been reviewed by a 'human' and had been given the all clear - yay! (although it wasn't specifically mentioned the human could hardly have failed to notice the configuration so I'm presuming that's ok too).

I've made more progress with setting the blog up but there's still quite a lot to do - this css stuff ('cascading style sheets') is completely new to me!

John Latter

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I spoke too soon - now the 'Main Blog' is suspected of being spam!

Oh well, hopefully these are just teething troubles ('fingers crossed').

I won't post anymore on this topic - if you can read this then I'm still here!

Well I won't post but I will comment: survived again! :)

Two blogs down, three to go...

Now three down and only two to go!

'General Evo News' has just been given the all clear ('phew').

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