Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Re: Common objections to 'Internal Evolutionary Mechanisms' (1)

The above link will take you to today's Main Blog post. It begins:

Brief notes on four common objections to current or historical proposals of internal evolutionary mechanisms (if you can think of any more then please leave a comment or email me):

1) Internal Evolutionary Mechanisms are 'Mystical'

2) Internal Evolutionary Mechanisms are 'Lamarckian'

3) "Populations Evolve, Individuals Do Not"

4) Weismann's experiment with Rodents

Naturally enough, as soon as I clicked on 'publish post' I immediately thought of another! But it can wait for another day - I'm still spending quite a lot of time on various blog-related problems and learning how to add additional features.

nb I've used An Error In Associating Lamarck With 'Adaptive Mutations'?
as a 'response' to #2 - the principle of "Words frozen in time should be differentiated from those carved in stone" being applicable to just about anything one might care to think of.

John Latter

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