Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Another 'Topsy-Turvy' day in Cyberspace

From last Friday's "Re: Info wanted on two intriguing 'Lamarckian' experiments":

"In the next few days I hope to post both here and in the Main Blog a brief description of how that interest [in how evolutionary changes may or may not occur] came into being and why I'm researching such an 'unpopular' subject as the possibility of a testable internal evolutionary mechanism."

Well, I did manage to put pen to paper today but almost as quickly had to put it down again: Technorati have stopped indexing at least one of the 'Categories' (General Evo News) which may require the time-consuming process of relocating it to a new url.

The short amount of time I did spend on writing "a brief description of how that interest came into being (etc.)" did make me realize, however, that more thought is required than I had at first anticipated. The reasons for this will hopefully be self-evident when the first of the posts on this topic appears. It is, therefore, a case of 'Watch this Space'!

On the plus side today: Darwinism's Rules of Reasoning: Phillip Johnson on Pierre Grasse was posted to the Main Blog and I also came across an interesting press release entitled 'Birds that make teeth' which begins:

"Gone does not necessarily mean forgotten, especially in biology. A recent finding by researchers at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and colleagues from the University of Manchester have found new evidence that the ability to form previously lost organs - in this case, teeth - can be maintained millions of years after the last known ancestor possessed them."

The rest of the article can be found here and I've also posted the Abstract of the paper the press release refers to in Wanted Papers (here) - it would be so much easier if every journal relating to evolution were open-access! :)

John Latter

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Re Birds that make teeth wanted article: I emailed one of the authors (John F. Fallon) who very kindly sent me a copy of the paper! His email address is on this page.
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