Friday, February 17, 2006


Re: Info wanted on two intriguing 'Lamarckian' experiments

In amongst the 'General Evo News' category being re-blacklisted and then whitelisted again by, ongoing forum discussions about the mysterious properties of blogger templates and css (cascading style sheets), a system crash involving the dreaded "Blue Screen Of Death" and sundry software re-installations, I managed to find the time yesterday to post Info wanted on two intriguing 'Lamarckian' experiments in the Main Blog!

The experiments referred to are taken from Gordon Rattray Taylor's "The Great Evolution Mystery" - one of the first books I read on becoming interested in how evolutionary changes may (or may not) occur. In the next few days I hope to post both here and in the Main Blog a brief description of how that interest came into being and why I'm researching such an 'unpopular' subject as the possibility of a testable internal evolutionary mechanism.

John Latter

Related terms: Lamarck and Evolution

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