Friday, March 03, 2006


Bits and Pieces

Mundane stuff:

About a week ago I added a "Daily Updates" email feature to the sidebar and today I've added a Guestbook.

In the next few weeks I'll be adding "Add to furl" and "Add to" options along with a search engine for all five categories (the "search this blog" feature in the top left-hand corner only searches the 'category' you are in).

Other than that, I'm calling a temporary halt to 'site maintenance': Google, other search engines, and various blog bots visit this site and learning how to tidy up the code to attract more would just take up too much time (and it's such hard work for someone like me!).

Of slightly more interest:

The evomech calendar contains the schedules for the following internet science/philosophy programs:

Berkeley Groks [USA]
In Our Time [UK]
Philosophy Talk [USA]
Quirks & Quarks [CAN]
Science Friday [USA]
Science Show [AUS]
The Naked Scientists [UK]

I don't bother keeping up with 'what's on this week' - what I like to do is click on the program archive links every so often and then listen to something while working!

Of more relevance:

Modularity and sense organs in the blind cavefish
was posted to the Main Blog today and I hope to begin posting more info regarding the proposed internal evolutionary mechanism soon.

John Latter

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