Thursday, March 02, 2006


Re: TalkOrigins resource on Atavisms and Vestigial Structures

After yesterday's brief comments on Atavisms (Retrograde Motion and Evolution) I came across a TalkOrigins resource on Atavisms and Vestigial Organs/Structures (which are another area of interest) and have posted it to the Main Blog.

The page is directly accessible from here and contains the following:
1. Anatomical vestigial structures
* Answers to criticisms of vestigial structures
1. Vestiges can have functions
2. Positive evidence demonstrates lack of functionality
3. Negative evidence is scientific when controlled
2. Atavisms
* Living whales with hindlimbs
* Newborn babies with tails
3. Molecular vestigial structures
4. Ontogeny and developmental biology
* Mammalian ear bones and reptile jaws
* Pharyngeal pouches and branchial arches
* Snake and whale embryos and with legs
* Embryonic human tail
* Marsupial eggshell and caruncle
5. Present biogeography
6. Past biogeography
* Marsupials
* Horses
* Apes and humans
And now for something completely different! San Franscisco's Exploratorium will be providing a live webcast of March 29th's total solar eclipse, info available here.

John Latter

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