Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Odds 'n Ends

"The Evolution of Adaptations", a paper by C H Waddington published in 1953, is today's contribution to the Main Blog.

It is an interesting paper for several reasons but in particular for the ability to illustrate two important aspects of the proposed internal evolutionary mechanism. I won't be any more specific at the moment because the notes I made at lunchtime (while away from home) have been mislaid. Rather than go over the same ground again - especially as I have little free time this evening - I'll defer posting until tomorrow or thursday. If you're interested, then please come back!

With a few minutes to spare, I've just browsed through today's General Evolution News entries and not unexpectedly there's another item concerning the ongoing 'Cultural War':

Intelligent design and educational stupidity

"After the verdict went against the teaching of intelligent design in schools in Dover, Pennsylvania, you could be forgiven for thinking that the argument for teaching creationism was on the decline (1). However, in the UK the educational establishment seems hell-bent on introducing those very same ideas into all state schools.

As reported in The Times (London) on Friday, the OCR examination board has included a comparative study of creationist views on evolution alongside those of Darwin (2). But should we be surprised to see ideas promoted by the religious right in the USA dished up to schoolkids in Britain?

Even a cursory look at the new science GCSE is enough to give anyone pause for thought. "

The article is written by David Perks (a Head of Physics at a London school who has written for the Times Educational Supplement) and as usual I feel a familiar impulse to 'put pen to paper'. I must, however, try and maintain my status as a spectator of the 'Cultural War' rather than become a combatant - its a lot more fun!

As a UK resident, I've included the item on this occasion simply to reflect my surprise that the OCR (Oxford, Cambridge, and RSA) examination board "has included a comparative study of creationist views on evolution alongside those of Darwin"!

John Latter

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