Thursday, March 09, 2006


"I s'pect I just growed. Don't think nobody never made me."

If this non-thinking, non-intelligent, and non-directional blog suddenly developed the ability to speak then it would probably echo the words Topsy spoke in "Uncle Tom's Cabin". At least, that is, until I add the new category I'm thinking of!

I suppose it's in the nature of writing a blog that many thoughts are transitory even if the the subjects they touch upon are by no means superficial.

Earlier today, for example, I posted Dembski's "Irreducible Complexity Revisited (PCID)", and simply because of trying to second-guess any visitor to this blog, rather reluctantly (even though it's true) included the caveat:
My perception of the concept [irreducible complexity] is similar to that of Pierre-Paul Grasse who believed 'Internal Factors' were involved in how evolutionary changes occurred - see Grasse, Behe, and "Irreducible Complexity".

Later on I came across "Over 500 Scientists Proclaim Their Doubts About Darwin's Theory of Evolution" (title link), and of course it's a personal opinion (which is what blogs are about and how it should be I guess!), but I can't help feeling a certain percentage of proponents of evolutionary theory and intelligent design have necessarily adopted their positions as a result of acquired psychological histories rather than through an instinctive curiosity.

One of the aims of this blog is to:

"Address those cultural factors which are applicable to answering the question 'If an internal evolutionary mechanism exists, then why hasn't it been found before?"
Even so, it might still be a good idea to introduce an additional category entitled "Evo Psych" (or something) to cater for my interest in wider psychological issues. Naturally the contents would be different to 'conventional' evolutionary psychology as Monday's comments on "Rape - an evolutionary strategy?" indicate.

An additional advantage from my point of view is that I would then be able to include comments on the social psychology of 'everyday life'- anyway, I'll see how I feel about it in a few days!

John Latter

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