Monday, March 06, 2006


Re: The Internal Evolutionary Mechanism: Basic Concept

Two posts to the Main Blog today. One (linked above) includes an extract from an existing website describing the basic concept of the proposed internal evolutionary mechanism as it appeared in 1998.

Also included is a flowchart generating the fibonacci series which will be useful in illustrating various aspects of the proposed mechanism.

Both of the above are drawn from existing material and are intended to provide a 'working framework' upon which futher commentary can be based (as per the first of the Aims)

The other Main Blog post is:

Lamarckian mechanisms in Darwinian evolution by Jablonka, Lamb, and Avital.

The first part of the internet day, however, was spent in trying to sort out how this blog was appearing in Internet Explorer and Opera. The problem was solved with a lot less of a headache than usual - but only because of the helpful people at Blogger Forum. Thanks folks!

John Latter

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